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What you can do

From sharing your time, your donations and – yes, your money – you can do so much to help us. We value everything you do, and appreciate any help you can provide in support of our important work

Spare a few hours. If you can spare a few hours a week, we’d love to meet you. With 70 volunteers and five full time staff, you’ll be joining a fun group of helpers who we find get as much out of the time they share as they contribute to our activities. It’s truly a case of everyone wins.

Shop with us. Everything we are given goes out on shop floor as soon as possible, the money raised from the sales of your gifted items goes towards vital work in the community than any other charity. Our aim is to give our customers high quality goods for an attractive price. We conduct full electrical checks, and everything is thoroughly cleaned and made good for sale.

Donate what you no longer need. We’ll make sure everything you donate is in the best condition to maximise its value. Whether furniture, clothing, bric-a-brac, books, CDs, DVDs or electrical goods, you’ll know what you’re donating is producing much needed income to support older people in our community.

Help us by direct debit. Setting up a direct debit for even a small amount each month can make a real difference to the people we help. It allows us to plan, secure in the knowledge that funds are coming in.
Include us in a sponsorship, legacy or will. If you’re planning to run a marathon or host an event, or even planning your will, please spare a thought for Age Concern Carlton. Include us and your kind and generous support will help us make a difference to so many people in so many ways.

Start a group. We do not operate in a vacuum, we are always delighted to help others who share our aims. As an enabling organisation, you can count on our support if you want to set up a group to help older people. A good example is SWALLOWs (Slow Walk and Long Lunch on Wednesdays), a walking group which we helped set up which is now established and happily on its own two feet. We can do the same for your idea for a new group.