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Age Friendly Carlton

At Age Concern Carlton & District, we aim to help to make life better for people in older age and all of our services are designed to help to alleviate loneliness and isolation. We believe that later life should be celebrated!

You may have seen this logo on the doors/windows of businesses around Carlton and, if you were wondering what it means, read on! 

The Age Friendly movement was launched by the World Health Organization in 2005, with the mission of developing local strategies to support people to remain independent in older age. 

Across the UK, a variety of Age Friendly schemes have been set up and we wanted to make it personal to Carlton, so held several focus groups with older adults in our community and asked them what the term ‘Age Friendly’ meant to them and how we could do something meaningful in our area. The overwhelming response was that many older adults have lost confidence in doing their own shopping, visiting the hairdresser, and generally going out into the community.

When asked why this is, we were told that this is for the following reasons:

Reduced personal mobility

Lack of public toilet facilities

Feeling rushed in shops

Lack of patience by staff and customers in shops

Lack of seating around shopping areas

Poor quality of pavements

With these issues in mind, we met with many business owners before the Covid pandemic and started ‘Age Friendly Carlton’, which is designed to highlight businesses who pledge to be welcoming and patient, assist with shopping where required and to go the extra mile in supporting older adults. We have picked the idea back up again since the pandemic and currently have 33 businesses signed up and proudly displaying the bright pink ‘We are Age Friendly Carlton’ logo.

We hope to sign up more businesses over time, so, if you see the logo on the door/window, you can rest assured that you will be welcomed and have support available, should you need it.